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Marooned on an idyllic tropical island…

Part of the recent Arkitektika adventure to Vanuatu found us spending a morning marooned on an idyllic tropical island, thanks to the exceptionally low tide that happened at the same time (or at least that was the 10 mg abilify excuse..) Fortunately there was a resort only a short walk around the island that we could visit to get a coffee while waiting for the tide to turn. While there we even managed to resolve the concepts and scope for a couple ... Read more

Kaiviti Motel Construction Commences…

The construction of the new pool area and entry for this landmark motel in Port Vila has now commenced, with the demolition and setout completed. Designed to provide a more appropriate “Polynesian” flavour to the front of house and streetscape, the original pool is to be retained, and kept for scuba diving training, while the old kitchen, bar, and amenities areas will be replaced with a new dining pavilion featuring an outdoor timber dancefloor along with new bar, kitchen and ... Read more

Industry Update

Enquiry for new projects continues. Many of our existing clients and contacts are looking at progressing their plans for new residential and commercial developments, as well as resorts and new homes. Typically we experience a drop-off in enquiry at the end of the financial and calendar year. Now that 2009-2010 is over, the level of enquiry and commitment to ongoing projects is reassuring as we make plans to expand and grow the business. Although, from a completely cheap acomplia online selfish perspective, ... Read more

It’s time to maximise the return on your investment

Maoibh Russell – Director and Manager of Mitchell Brandtman’s Asset Management Team P:  07 3327 5000 Tax depreciation allowances are available to owners of properties that produce an assessable ACOMPLIA DIET PILL income. Owners may be eligible to claim for items such as carpets, air conditioners, kitchen appliances and similar items [known as plant and equipment]. The depreciation rates are dependant on the acquisition date and vary according to the item. Owners may also be eligible for capital allowance, depending on the date of construction ... Read more

Improving development yield in existing projects…

Proving that lateral thought on land use within existing developments can lead to improvements to the overall development as well as improving the yield of the project, Arkitektika recently undertook a project that achieved both of these for the owner of a major retirement facility on the Gold Coast. As a direct result of the consolidation of land uses achieved with the relocation of the community facilities for the Earlehaven Retirement Village, the opportunity to increase the yield of independent living units ... Read more

Servicing the South Pacific …

Servicing the South Pacific … As Cheap Propecia online part of our ongoing relationship with the people and nations of the South Pacific we visited Vanuatu during late June. With several days in Port Vila, and a trip to Espiritu Santo, it was wonderful to catch up with our existing clients and contacts as well as meet several new potential clients. Our next trip is anticipated to be in the early September and we look forward to coming back to ... Read more