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Birthday Celebrations 15 @ 15 x 15

It has been 15 years since we opened. During that time we have delivered countless projects through from conception to completion, winning awards and making clients very happy along the way - improving the value of their properties, making their investments profitable, and providing a creative, stress-free project delivery service. We have met wonderful people as we have gone through name changes, legislation changes, various offices, highs and lows in the economy, exciting projects and travel to some great places. To celebrate this milestone ... Read more

Compliance assessment coming to the Gold Coast…

Gold Coast City Council has introduced compliance assessment for certain management plans, to be regulated via conditions on a development approval. A condition of a development approval may require a management plan to be submitted for compliance assessment. Once approved, a compliance certificate will be issued for that document. A 15 business day processing timeframe is proposed. Management Plans subject to compliance assessment will include: Acid Sulfate Soils and groundwater Fauna management Covenant Areas Rehabilitation and Revegetation On-Site Effluent Disposal Hydraulics and flood management Geotechnical and basement excavation Open Space Stormwater ... Read more

Using BIM to test energy impact…

The application of BIM (Building Information Modelling)  to our projects has many and varied benefits for the client as well as the entire project team. One of the newest developments is that at arkitektika we can model the energy impacts of designs and test the effect of design variations, improving allegra mail order energy efficiency by design. For every project, arkitektika create a three dimensional BIM project file to communicate the building in all the two dimensional plans, elevations, and sections, as well ... Read more

Mandatory energy efficiency disclosure for commercial buildings…

National laws requiring current energy efficiency information to be disclosed to potential purchasers and tenants of office buildings over 2000sqm are to be introduced by the end of 2010. Aiming to improve energy efficiency and performance, this requirement for mandatory disclosure will become a key consideration in the sale or lease of commercial property, and make developers, owners, and tenants more aware allegra lowest prices of the energy costs associated with their buildings. At arkitektika energy efficiency and sustainable design are nothing ... Read more