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new tool to help communicate design

Always looking at new ways to use technology to communicate with our clients and allow them to experience buildings and environments we are creating, Arkitektika are excited to be among the first globally to access and use the new BIMx tool from Graphisoft. We have been creating virtual environments for almost all of our time in operation, including recently with Virtual Building Explorer. The new BIMx takes this further and allows our clients to explore and interact in a virtual environment on their ... Read more

Doom & Gloom …. or improving confidence

Lately it seems that the media are peddling doom and gloom even more continually than ever. Every day brings more tales of economic ruin and disaster – from the Eurozone to the local sharemarket, building approval statistics, high infrastructure charges, difficulties in gaining approvals and finance, to uncertainty over interest rates. Whether it is banks, bankers, stockbrokers, or politicians (remember, whichever way you vote the government always gets in!), there is always someone else to blame and someone else who has to change ... Read more