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BIM – what’s all the fuss about? And why we do it…

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One of the current buzzwords in the industry, BIM, stands for Building Information Modelling. Although only relatively new to the collective consciousness, BIM has been a core aspect of the operations of arkitektika since we started in 1995.

Our application of BIM has always allowed arkitektika to model all projects in three-dimensional virtual reality to readily allow clients and the consultant team to visualize and experience the project.

Not only does it permit the visualisation of projects, our application of this technology ensures all of arkitektika’s Buy Cheap Propecia Online design and documentation are fully coordinated and accurate throughout the project.

Arkitektika’s modelling has consistently permitted our clients to achieve outcomes that would not have been permitted under generally prescriptive planning regulations, enabling the authorities to understand the design, and adding value to the project.

Recent advances permit arkitektika to provide stand-alone files, where no software is required, so that the building can be explored, experience, and even measured, by anyone, anywhere, on any computer. The experience is much like computer gaming technology.

Other recent advances in capabilities allows us to also model the building services including mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic services, or import them if available from our consultants, further ensuring that all complex co-ordination issues are resolved before they become site problems. Further advances also permit arkitektika to analyse the overall energy needs and test the impact of design alterations.

Arkitektika has been at the forefront of the BIM revolution and continues to add value to projects through the applications of new technologies coupled with creative design.

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