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Compliance assessment coming to the Gold Coast…

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Gold Coast City Council has introduced compliance assessment for certain management plans, to be regulated via conditions on a development approval.

A condition of a development approval may require a management plan to be submitted for compliance assessment. Once approved, a compliance certificate will be issued for that document.

A 15 business day processing timeframe is proposed.

Management Plans subject to compliance assessment will include:

  • Acid Sulfate Soils and groundwater
  • allegra no prescription style=”color: #808080;”>Fauna management
  • Covenant Areas
  • Rehabilitation and Revegetation
  • On-Site Effluent Disposal
  • Hydraulics and flood management
  • Geotechnical and basement excavation
  • Open Space
  • Stormwater and water quality

We only hope this will simplify and streamline the development approval processes. Watch this space for more.

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