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Doom & Gloom …. or improving confidence

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Lately it seems that the media are peddling doom and gloom even more continually than ever.

Every day brings more tales of economic ruin and disaster – from the Eurozone to the local sharemarket, building approval statistics, high infrastructure charges, difficulties in gaining approvals and finance, to uncertainty over interest rates.

Whether it is banks, bankers, stockbrokers, or politicians (remember, whichever way you vote the government always gets in!), there is always someone else to blame and someone else who has to change to provide a quick fix.

As Dr Seuss teaches us in The Lorax:

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

As an industry we all need to “care a whole awful lot” and make the improvements we need to see actually happen – and with the confidence to bring projects through. There is underlying demand for innovation, combined with construction costs stable and lower than 2009 and 2010, indicating that the time is right to move forward with optimism and confidence.Historically the Architecture profession has been considered a loose barometer of the economy – being “first on” as the economy improves, and “first off” when the economy dictates that new projects do not proceed.

Therefore, tracking our work and business performance gives us an insight into the true state of the economy and the building industry.

While still a long way from the best times in close to 16 years of service, Arkitektika’s key performance indicators tell us that business is definitely improving. With a variety of homes, renovations, mixed-use developments, and multi-residential projects all at various stages we believe that the worst is behind us and the general tide has turned.

Arkitektikas continual innovation, attention to detail, and exceptional personal service are helping our clients create innovative projects that are meeting and driving the evolving needs of the marketplace.

Please join with us to enjoy improving confidence and hopefully we will all benefit with an improving economy.


Arkitektika Pty Ltd

John Pearce FRAIA

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