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EcoDesigner energy modelling in design process

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Arkitektika have always employed passive design principles green dollarsto ensure our designs have high comfort levels without being reliant on artificial heating, cooling, or lighting – now we can test and measure that in the design phases!

Increasing community awareness of both quality in design and energy efficiency, along with increasing energy costs, is driving greater interest in creating environments with both technical performance and aesthetic qualities.

Utilizing Arkitektika’s Building Information Modelling (BIM) to create virtual models that allows our clients to experience buildings even before construction commences has been a “standard” part of service for many years, that other Architects are only now using.

Arkitektika now also employ EcoDesigner to test and model the energy efficiency of designs and costs associated with the occupancy of the building during the design process.

Not only can clients experience the building and see what it will look like, we can also test the impact of design changes on the energy costs and the overall energy efficiency during the design stage.

Arkitektika are intent on keeping the design standards high, while keeping the running costs and construction costs down.

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