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Energy requirements of Building Code changes design process…

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Recent changes to the Building Code of Australia energy efficient designare encouraging revision to the design processes for energy efficiency in buildings.

With increasing energy costs, energy efficient design will continue to grow in importance to developers, investors, and occupants alike.

As energy use in commercial and multi-residential buildings is a major component of the overall running costs of these buildings, and a significant contributor to global climate issues, it is obvious that savings in this area will have significant impact financially and environmentally.

Glazing in buildings has profound impacts on the overall building – from aesthetic and occupancy perspectives as well as operating expenses and energy efficiency, with it being a point of high energy transfer between the building and the environment.

Section J of the BCA now places more importance on building glazing and makes it harder to achieve “Deemed to Satisfy” solutions for multi-residential and commercial buildings.

With higher standards required it is now more important than ever to consider the selection of glazing systems – framing materials, glazing types, and actual glass types – as well as the design from aesthetic and occupancy needs very early in the design process and to actually test the design solutions for compliance.

Arkitektika can provide design analysis of glazing systems to reduce energy, from analysis during the design process using glazing calculations as well as specific energy analysis software allowing us to examine the impacts of design variations on the overall energy use of the total building.

Combining Arkitektika’s virtual building modelling using BIM, as well as our energy analysis of design variations, can provide you with a significant edge in your buildings performance.

If you are considering a new development, ensure you achieve compliance readily by calling Arkitektika on 1300 331 917.


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