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Universal design allows for accessibility and use of a building for people of all levels of mobility and at various stages of life, reducing the need to remodel and refit a property as occupants go through different stages of their lives.

A recent project required us to have the flexibility to design a universally accessible multiple residential development on a small, sloping block. The challenge we faced was to maximize the yield while providing adaptable housing that would suit a less mobile and aging demographic.

Understanding of the needs of the developer client as well as the needs of the end user allowed us to provide a flexible solution that would suit occupants as they aged and their needs and mobility changed.

A complex problem with an elegantly simple solution was achieved through the unusual use of internal ramps for circulation. The internal ramps also allowed us to provide a sensitive solution to the sloping block with a controlled approach to earthworks permitting outdoor living areas that promoted interaction and connection with the landscape, retention of mature trees.

Adaptability within the layouts permitted the ready inclusion of mobility aids as required by the occupants without excessive retrofitting costs.

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