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How to choose an interior designer for your project?

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By Vera Siliato, Interior Designer and Stylist

When Cialis Online choosing to work with an interior designer there is not shortage, but how do you know which is the right one to work with you?

The size and type of project will have some bearing on this decision. Maybe you want a designer who has worked on a similar project where you liked the outcome or maybe you prefer a designer who has been recommended by a trusted person.  Either way it is an important choice as you will have to live with the results for a while.

Referrals are a common way people make their choices. A friend or family member has used a designer and recommends them to you when you need one. This can be good and bad. The designer’s approach may have been perfectly suited to your friend’s project, in which case the result was successful. Is this the best way to choose? How do you know if the designer’s approach is suitable for the desired outcome of your project?

Different designers have different design philosophies. A design philosophy is the approach that the designer uses to achieve design goals, being ergonomics, functionality, costs etc.

Past work is a good indication of what a designer’s design philosophy may be. Are the past projects predominantly high-end beach houses in a coastal theme?  Is there a strong base in technology where the latest gadgets and innovations are used? Or is there is a high level of the designer’s intuition engaged which allows the end result to be something the client could never have articulated in the brief?

This method of choosing a designer seems to be highly effective. Essentially, the design philosophy should remain constant, thereby achieving a similar result whether the project is a city apartment or a medical center.

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing an interior designer for your project, focus on your desired outcome. If the designer referred can achieve that outcome based on their past work, great. Otherwise, digging a little deeper to explore other designers philosophy’s to observe if it is aligned with your desired outcome, can also produce wonderful results.

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