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iPad v Laptop – gimmick or useful tool…

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Always looking for ways to use technology and innovation to keep improving our service and communication we embraced a new iPad for the recent trip to service some of our South Pacific clients.

Arkitektika are always early adopters of new technology when we see a direct benefit to allegra d prescription our productivity and client service, especially when it comes in a sleek and shiny Apple product.

Apart from the novelty factor and sex appeal of the iPad, it turned out to become an important new tool in providing information and communication with our clients.

This new tool allowed us to access aerial photographs in remote locations, identify parcels of land, take handwritten notes, and graphically communicate design strategies for projects by preparing site sketches and overlays of the aerial photographs – all on site and in some fairly remote locations.

The new technology also provided a great interface for presentation of projects and portfolio and overall gets significantly more use than the laptop when out of the office.

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