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Kaiviti Motel Construction Commences…

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The construction of the new pool area and entry for this landmark motel in Port Vila has now commenced, with the demolition and setout completed.

Designed to provide a more appropriate “Polynesian” flavour to the front of house and streetscape, the original pool is to be retained, and kept for scuba diving training, while the old kitchen, bar, and amenities areas will be replaced with a new dining pavilion featuring an outdoor timber dancefloor along with new bar, kitchen and amenities areas.

The buy cheap acomplia online project also features a new entry pavilion and covered walkway leading to an upgraded reception area.

Arkitektika worked with the client through the design and documentation process to identify the scope of works that would provide the greatest level of improvements and have the maximum return on investment.

An interactive 3D model was provided to the clients to ensure they understood the design direction and were completely satisfied with the approach for their new investment.

With Nick Bramley of Bramley Constructions appointed as builder the project is scheduled for completion in November.

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