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lessons from “the dead” … part 1

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lessons from the grateful deadFloating around our studio the last few weeks has been a new book “Everything I know about business I learned from the Grateful Dead”.

This book by Barry Barnes relates the “long, strange trip” of The Grateful Dead to broader business changes and discusses how the band were innovators in business.

We are relieved to note we have also followed in many of their footsteps by design, desire, or intuition, and in true Grateful Dead spirit are pleased to share the first few of these lessons and innovations with you, just for some fun and a little bit of a different perspective:

Master Strategic Improvisation: Grateful Dead Business Lesson 1:

Strategic improvisation – the ability to plan, act, and make adjustments in real time – is the key to running a great organization.

Live your values: Grateful Dead Business Lesson 2:

Embrace strong corporate values and socially conscious business practices because it’s the right thing to do – and because it’s more profitable.

Be kind to your customers: Grateful Dead Business Lesson 3:

Be kind to your customers – by offering high-quality products and services and being responsive to their concerns – and they’ll be kind to you by becoming lifelong customers.

Share your content: Grateful Dead Business Lesson 4:

In creative businesses, familiarity – rather than scarcity – creates value. Share your intellectual property, because the more people who know about your work, the more ways there will be to make money.

Just for fun, over the coming months we will bring you the other business lessons and expand upon both how The Grateful Dead and Arkitektika have implemented these ideas.

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