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Mirrors are a great way to dress up the interior of your home and also provide a practical element to the space. Mirrors can be quite powerful items as where you place a mirror can have an effect on the space and impact either to enhance or detract for the room.

There are many shapes, sizes, colours, framed and unframed. A good quality mirror is an investment piece as it is used everyday by all occupants.

Below are five ways you can use mirrors to work harder in your space and give you optimal benefits, as well as, some things to avoid.

Do not reflect the front door. How do you feel when you walk into a house, apartment or room and the first thing you see directly in front of you is a reflection of yourself? It is too confronting. No matter how much you like to look at yourself in the mirror, this can almost take you by surprise. You do not want this feeling of surprise or confrontation for yourself or visitors when they first enter a space, as it immediately puts people on a slight edge subconsciously. Remove the mirror reflecting the door and experience the difference.

Have just inside adjacent to the front door or exit door. This is a much better position for a mirror. Generally when you exit your home it is beneficial to be able to check your reflection to make sure there a no toothpaste or lipstick smears where there shouldn’t be. This does not just apply to the front main entrance. If you leave through the laundry to get to the garage, place a mirror near this door for this purpose.

Use a mirror to link spaces. Mirrors are a fantastic way to link spaces or see around a corner in your home. For example it is possible to see from a bedroom in the back of my unit, down a corridor to the lounge room and ultimately the front door, when a mirror is strategically placed along the corridor. It is not a large mirror, but when place in exactly the right spot I can see who is at the front door when I am at the opposite end of the unit. This also helps to link the two ends of the unit together, creating better flow within the space.

Use a mirror to reflect a view. If you have a lovely view, be it the ocean, garden or trees then place a mirroropposite the view to reflect this. This essentially brings the view right into your room and allows you to see it even when not standing directly in front of the window. If you have a big room and a really great view then bring the outdoors in and enjoy even more.  Along the same lines, do not use a mirror to reflect something ugly. Whether it is a view out the window, mess inside your house or in the toilet!

Open up a small space. When placed properly, mirrors can act as another window in the room. This is great for small areas such as a hallway, small kitchens, bedrooms and of course the bathroom.  Mirrors bounce more light around the room so it effectively lightens and brightens a space, making it feel bigger.

These are just some tips for using mirrors inside your home. Please contact me for more information on how to use mirrors in you home.

Contact Vera Siliato, Interior Stylist, 0404088149

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