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National laws requiring current energy efficiency information to be disclosed to potential purchasers and tenants of office buildings over 2000sqm are to be introduced by the end of 2010.

Aiming to improve energy efficiency and performance, this requirement for mandatory disclosure will become a key consideration in the sale or lease of commercial property, and make developers, owners, and tenants more aware allegra lowest prices of the energy costs associated with their buildings.

At arkitektika energy efficiency and sustainable design are nothing new – they are simply one of the many important factors we consider in our design and documentation processes and integrate into the whole project delivery.

Throughout our work, a common thread exists of sustainability and energy efficiency.

Often with little fanfare or fuss these have subtly been included into projects to make them more comfortable and cheaper to run for our clients.

We don’t consider these as new issues – simply something we have always done.

One of our secrets are out!

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