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Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park Surf Life Saving Club

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Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park Surf Life Saving Club

Urban Design Award Special Mention for Environmental Sensitivity

Opened by The Honourable Phil Reeves MP, Minister for Child Safety, Minister for Sport, and Christine Smith MP, Member for Burleigh, the redeveloped Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park Surf Life Saving Club provides world-class community and public facilities and forms the entryway that provides the first impression on arriving at the world famous Burleigh Heads headland and beach.

Existing in a commercial environment to provide voluntary services to ensure the safety of our beaches,it was vital for the club to redevelop to continue to provide a safe environment for the public and to continue to assist with the development of youth sport and high quality athletes. Similarly it was essential that the commercial operations of the club continued uninterrupted to provide the necessary funding for the project.

The redevelopment accommodates a wide variety of uses for the club, including storage, amenities, training areas, resolving these against the potentially conflicting commercial uses of the restaurant, functions area, gaming, kiosk, and sports bar. The redevelopment promotes interaction between the public, the club, and its commercial activities.

As Architects for the project, Arkitektika worked closely with the committee, as well as other stakeholders, to achieve a quality outcome on a highly constrained site, while maintaining the commercial operations of the club.

Despite the parkland setting, the opportunities for physical expansion were limited. With the site flanked by the beach and oceanway on the east, Gold Coast Highway and mature Norfolk Pines to the west, public carparking and emergency beachaccess to the north, and a major view corridor to the south, all sides of the development were limited and became public spaces

Occupied by a series of somewhat ad-hoc buildings created over many decades, Arkitektika’s architectural design solution unifies the buildings around new public entry spaces and resolves the conflict between the public and private spaces.

Replacing the old single storey elements fronting the Gold Coast Highway, as well as refurbishing and extending the existing facilities, the redevelopment now interacts with the active edges to all sides while responding to the isolated nature of a highly constrained site.

The unifying 3 storey addition creates new club and public facilities as well as storage of the essential rescue equipment – specifically designed to accommodate the long rescue boards. New amenities as well as club meeting and training rooms back up the development, with the prime community focus on the beachfront and interaction with the public along the oceanway and on the beachfront.

Kiosk facilities, elevated restaurant, sports bar and terrace, along with upper level decks and function rooms form the interface between the club and the public, strengthening the relationship between the community and the club, encouraging the use of the facilities and membership of the club, as well as backing up the financial needs of the club to perform the voluntary patrol, rescue, and recreational services it provides.

Community sustainability is promoted by providing enhanced commercial activities that support the club and the vital community services it provides, as well as new and improved club facilities for the members to ensure the sustainability in the competitive sporting environment.

Environmental sustainability was improved with the introduction of rainwater reclamation and re-use strategies and the reduction of electricity use through solar hot water and the implementation of natural daylighting strategies. Existing areas were re-invented and converted, revitalizing these and capitalizing on their location.

Culturally and historically important Norfolk Pines to the highway frontage and within the site were retained and accommodated within the redevelopment.

“All the other clubs will be envious…”

Warren Young, GCCC Chief Lifesaver on the new facilities at the opening