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Moorings Resort: Vanuatu

Reinventing waterfront uses

Located on under utilised and overgrown waterfront land on Port Vila’s harbour, Arkitektika was commissioned to redevelop the property, retaining the existing restaurant and nightclub businesses, to create a tropical resort.

The location presented the opportunity of sunset views across the water and through the harbours enclosing headlands, as well as using the underutilised and degraded foreshore.

The clients original concepts kept the existing uses separated from the opportunities of the sites location.

Through the masterplan of the resort, Arkitektka was able to achieve all of the commercial imperatives of the project while also adding extra value by releasing spaces to be used by all visitors to relax and enjoy the tropical location while overlooking the scenic harbour.

Conflict between the private accommodation areas of the resort and the public restaurant and nightclub were overcome by incorporating a “nakamal” as a pivot point in the masterplan.

Traditionally a point to gather and drink kava, the “nakamal” forms a bar area featuring traditional local design and construction techniques and overlooks the infinity edge pool leading to the harbour.

Flanking the pool and recreation area, the resort accommodation is a collection of simple one and two storey buildings providing a variety of accommodation types.

A new reception structure provides a statement and sets the identity at the street level, while also providing the supporting staff areas. The location of this in the masterplan was essential with the busy highway frontage and to form a control point and separation between public and private spaces.

Overcoming the particularities of building in Vanuatu with available materials, skills, and techniques, as well as the climatic conditions including cyclones, strongly influenced the design and construction that was adopted.

The success of this project lay in the masterplaning, finding potential, and realizing opportunities for the site that were not considered in the original brief.


The Clients Thoughts
What I thought was so clever about your work at the Moorings site was the incorporation of existing buildings into the new layout in such a seamless manner. The preservation and enhancement of views and flow-through across the entire property, considering its tight space, is nothing short of remarkable.

Arkitektika brought great design & experience to our redevelopment project.

With Arkitektika’s focus on finding and releasing value through the design we were able to effectively maximise the design to meet all our operational objectives and achieve a fantastic spaces for guests to enjoy themselves…..

Ernie Johnson & Justin Johnson - Moorings Vanuatu