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A successful project is, at least in part, reliant on distribution and
collaborationdissemination of information throughout the project team.

One impediment to a successful project can be the dissemination of information between the client, architect, and the rest of the project team (especially the most current versions of documents).

Traditionally the principal consultant spends considerable time and energy distributing the most recent versions of documents during the course of a project to ensure that all parties have the information they need, in the correct formats, when they need it.

Historically this was done by distributing prints of drawings and then laboriously tracing and copying.

For the past decade, as an industry we have relied upon email to share and disseminate the information. This has been constrained by the ever increasing file sizes trying to fit into small inboxes.

Arkitektika have recently implemented a collaboration method that will help us, and the entire project team, ensure that all parties involved with a project have access to the most recent versions of documents.

We are now effectively creating, for each project, a secure, open source website that all project team members have access to.

This site allows for authorized team members to upload their information, and download that of the other team members, preview documents, make comments and notes on aspects of the project, and ensure that the project collaboration and information distribution occurs efficiently between all of the project team.

In this internet age when project periods demand virtually instantaneous access to information, and updated information, this allows us and our teams to stay ahead of the project and distribute large files immediately to the team.

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