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Save time and money on site with BIM

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Historically, one of the most common causes of delays and cost increases during construction is through conflicting services requirements, and clashes between services and with the building structure.

Through arkitektika’s application of BIM for all projects, we can avoid these common issues and save time and money for the builders and owners during the construction period.

All too frequently, poor documentation and a lack coordination of the consultant team can lead to unresolved issues that cause time delays on site as they are resolved, as well as cost implications with holding costs, documentation revisions, and alterations to works.

Arkitektika uses the latest in technology to help our clients save time and money during construction. By integrating our services and structural consultants documentation with our BIM we can identify potential conflicts and resolve them before they become a construction issue.

The engineering and services can be either incorporated from a consultants BIM model, or readily modelled ourselves from their two-dimensional drawings. A process of conflict identification is then carried out and the areas identified for further coordination and resolution in the project team. Complex hydraulic and mechanical installations can be visualized in three-dimensions, along with the structure, to find suitable solutions during the design and documentation phases of the project.

All of this can lead to significant savings in time and money for our clients.

To discuss how we can assist you save time and money, contact the team at Arkitektika.

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Email:            mail@arkitektika.com

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