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Solar cells generating money!

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Arkitektika recently arranged for the retrofitting of solar panels photovoltaic solar panel installationon a roof for a client.

Positioned with forethought to orientation and roof pitch, this new roof top grid-connected photovoltaic solar panel system will pay itself off quickly and then start generating money for the clients while they enjoy free electricity and receive an income from the energy retailers.

The system was installed on a north facing roof that was intended when we designed the residence to maximise the solar exposure and efficiency of the system.

Through arkitektika’s design of the home, the solar aspect was considered in the initial design concepts and brought to reality in the construction. Without the forethought brought by arkitektika, the roof may not have had such excellent orientation and pitch to maximise the solar generation capacity. The solar panels are positioned for the optimum performance and appear to be an integral part of the roof, rather than added on.

As we head into the shorter days, with the sun also lower in the sky, this system is producing roughly half of the power used by the occupants. The efficiency of this will increase once we again head towards summer with longer days and greater solar exposure.

The energy they generate during the day feeds into the electricity grid while they are not there and allows them to draw energy from the grid at other times.

If we factor in the higher feed-in tariff they are credited with for the electricity they generate, which is significantly more than they are charged for electricity they draw from the grid, and it all makes great financial sense to go solar.

Obtained through a finance package, the system costs a little more than their previous electricity bills, however they will soon have it paid off, and be receiving cheques for the excess energy, rather than steadily increasing bills.

These clients are now enjoying a reduced carbon footprint, avoiding the escalating energy costs, and the warm inner glow personally from doing their part to help the environment.

If you are considering installing a solar panel system, we can arrange it for you or connect you with our preferred brokers who will tailor the right package to suit your personal or business needs.

Contact us or call 1300 331 917 for more details.


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