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Marketing Flexibility …

Arkitektika featuring in Graphisoft marketing campaign … When Graphisoft, the software developers and distributors of ArchiCad, our BIM 3d modeling, design, and documentation software, found out about how we were using their product and what we were doing with the software they were so impressed they wanted to feature us in their marketing campaign. Contact us on 1300 131 917 to discuss how our use of BIM can assist you on your next project. View their case study Read more

EcoDesigner energy modelling in design process

Arkitektika have always employed passive design principles to ensure our designs have high comfort levels without being reliant on artificial heating, cooling, or lighting – now we can test and measure that in the design phases! Increasing community awareness of both quality in design and energy efficiency, along with increasing energy costs, is driving greater interest in creating environments with both technical performance and aesthetic qualities. Utilizing Arkitektika’s Building Information Modelling (BIM) to create virtual models that allows our clients to experience buildings ... Read more

Energy requirements of Building Code changes design process…

Recent changes to the Building Code of Australia are encouraging revision to the design processes for energy efficiency in buildings. With increasing energy costs, energy efficient design will continue to grow in importance to developers, investors, and occupants alike. As energy use in commercial and multi-residential buildings is a major component of the overall running costs of these buildings, and a significant contributor to global climate issues, it is obvious that savings in this area will have significant impact financially and environmentally. Glazing in buildings ... Read more

Save time and money on site with BIM

Historically, one of the most common causes of delays and cost increases during construction is through conflicting services requirements, and clashes between services and with the building structure. Through arkitektika’s application of BIM for all projects, we can avoid these common issues and save time and money for the builders and owners during the construction period. All too frequently, poor documentation and a lack coordination of the consultant team can lead to unresolved issues that cause time delays on site as they are ... Read more