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The application of BIM (Building Information Modelling)  to our projects has many and varied benefits for the client as well as the entire project team.

One of the newest developments is that at arkitektika we can model the energy impacts of designs and test the effect of design variations, improving allegra mail order energy efficiency by design.

For every project, arkitektika create a three dimensional BIM project file to communicate the building in all the two dimensional plans, elevations, and sections, as well as the three dimensional perspective views, renderings, and virtual reality tours.

We can also use this same computer model to analyze the buildings energy usage, and rapidly test the impact of design variations and alterations to the building materials and openings on the heating and cooling costs.

Especially timely with the imminent mandatory disclosure of energy efficiency for commercial buildings, this can go beyond “feeling good” about the design, to protecting your investment for the future.

With ever increasing awareness of reducing carbon footprints, as well as spiraling energy costs, arkitektika deliver the professional expertise to help you manage your environmental impact and control your costs.

to find out how we can apply this to help lower your environmental impact and reduce your running costs

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